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Welcome to Baturin Designs

When you want your vision executed   Ö
                 there are engravers, and then there are artisansÖ

Baturin Designs will work with you to create a piece which best reflects the image you wish to project, with class and an artistic flair. Whether itís one item or hundreds.

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                                        Memory Keepers Box

When it comes to choice and cost, we canít be beat!

Unlike many of our competitors, at Baturin Designs we donít limit your choices by restricting you to those items that we choose to keep in stock and/or display in a single catalog.

We open up your world with access to dozens of manufacturer product lines, as well as artists who make items exclusively for Baturin Designs. Marci can also sand carve or etch, by hand, a unique piece for you on glass, crystal, marble and more.

Maintaining a small and efficient studio/office on our property allows us to be hands on with every piece; maintain high quality; meet your deadlines, and stay among the best priced in the industry.

Our specialty is the Animal Fancy

You may have seen us at various shows, laser-engraving custom signs on site. Or you may be one of the hundreds who already display our work in the form of award, sign, or photo engraving.  As active breeder/exhibitors of more than 30 years, we understand your needs and your budgets.

Among our most recent accomplishments:

  • Cat Fancier Association (CFA) regional awards
  • CFA Annual Committee recognition awards
  • Indy Cat Club perpetual award for Highest Scoring Premier in show
  • SWR Siamese annual award
  • ACFA breed awards
  • Savannah (TICA) breed award
  • Permanent flats and name tags for various clubs and regions

If youíre club is interested in having a custom engraver on-site at your show, or wish to explore the wider world of awards, email us.

We donít forget the rest of the world

While we do specialize in the animal fancy, we donít limit ourselves to that venue. Weíre proud to say that we have created custom awards and signage at the corporate level, as well as photo engravings to celebrate special occasions.
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